Kings and Queens

I was just prepping my berries and bananas for my frozen bags of smoothie mix after work today when I decided to turn Pandora on my iPad on. I was listening to the 1girlnation playlist when a song came on that I have been hearing frequently throughout the past few months, either on Pandora, or the radio. I feel like this song, in particular, God has been playing for me. He has been sending a message deep within my heart.

Before I went to Haiti two summers ago, I was introduced to the song by Audio Adrenaline called Kings and Queens. This song quickly became my theme song for my mission trip. The girls and boy all over the world will become the Kings and Queens in the kingdom of God. God won’t overlook them, and He is sending us to bring Him to them. This song was originally written for Haiti and the music video was even filmed there with the orphans of one of its cities. However, I feel deeply that the message applies to everywhere in this big world. God is not only making the children of Haiti kings and queens. But He is making every “child” (both young and old) of EVERY nation a king and queen in His kingdom.

Like I said earlier, this song popped up today on my Pandora list, along with many times on the radio for me throughout the past several months. God is showing me that I am in the mission field right now. Here in New Mexico on this little reservation, there are so many people who have been “forgotten” by the world. People don’t even know they exist. But I do, because God has placed me here, and opened my eyes to the desperate need there is here.

Soon the young boys (many of which will be my own students) will be going through a religious practice that many young boys go through. I don’t know if any amount of preparation will get my eyes, and most importantly my heart, ready for what will take place. But I do know that just knowing about it will show me even more how much need there is for me to show my children the love of Christ, and the freedom that comes with the truth of the cross. God will make these boys into kings in His kingdom, and I am to be used as His tool to reach them. Freedom will come to this nation, I need only to do as my Great God, Father, and King has called me to do.

My challenge to each of you is to recognize the great need for the kingdom there is in your own community. Recognize the abilities and gifts that God has equipped each of you with. You are not an exception to His gifting. He has done, and is doing great things in and through you. Once you recognize the gifts you have, and the need there is to be met, go before your King and ask Him to send you forth to meet that need. Ask Him to use those gifts, even the ones you don’t know about yet, to reach out to the “future kings and queens” and show them the love of Christ. Imagine the impact we can make if each of us even reaches one person. Imagine the rejoicing there will be in heaven. Imagine the tears of joy that will come from our Father when He children come home to Him.

Listen to the song Kings and Queens to get some more motivation for your call to be the hands and feet of the one who created each boy and girl, young and old, throughout all the world!


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