You Make Us Brave Through Your Perfect Love

I know I’ve posted this song a lot in the past few weeks, but I really feel like this is God’s love song to me at the current time, teaching me so many things through it.
You Make Me Brave by Bethel Music is so encouraging to me, to be reminded that the King of Heaven is always for us and never against us. No matter what life’s course brings our way, we are always able to rest in the embrace of a God who holds the world in His hands.
God sings about how His love, in wave after wave, crashes over us. Comparing His love to the the ferocity and magnitude of the ocean’s waves, and how with all their power and strength can take over anyone who gets swept up into them. So His live does too, crashing over us with so much power and strength that we can’t help but getting swept into its presence.
This reminds me of the story behind the song Kings and Queens by Audio Adrenaline. Very shortly before the team came to shoot their music video in Haiti with the orphans, the children from the orphanage were playing down by the ocean. When a wave came in it swept two children in. And adult came and rescued one, thinking he was the only one who had been swept in. But then they soon discovered that another had been taken and was never rescued. Although this is a tragic story, it shines all the more light on this verse, comparing Gods love for us to the oceans waves. If we allow Him into our lives, He will sweep over us in love and will transform our lives wholeheartedly and unfathomable. The ocean of our lives can be so scary, but unlike the waves, He is always for us and never against us. We can trust Him always.
When this song gets to the bridge, it completely wrecks me every time. God makes us brave to step out into the scariness and vastness of the unknown. The things that come into our lives that we can not control, yet we want so bad to make them go away. He is the only one who can calm those storms within us and set us free from the unknown, because it is all known to Him.
Through my recent medical struggles, I was terrified of all the unknowns I was facing. The unknown of whether the pain was going to go away. The unknown of when I would be able to go home. If I was going to keep my arm or have to lose it. If I was even going to make it through that first surgery because of my blood defect.
As I laid there being wheeled away for surgery, without my husband or baby there, all by myself, the only thing I had to lean on was the love that the Father had given to me, and the faith that everything was going to be ok because He was there with me. He made me brave to face all those unknowns, and many more.
He is continually making me brave day by day as I still face lose of sensation in my hand that gets worse somedays, and better others. The unknowns of the fact that I am going to have to move in just 4 short weeks and find a doctor for my follow ups back in Michigan. The unknowns of what the doctors will tell me at the follow ups here before we leave New Mexico. As well of the very scary unknown of, “Will this happen again with my next child.” The doctors assured me that it most likely won’t, but there is still that small chance it will.
Through all these unknowns and uncertainties, I can rest in the assurance that my King has me by the hand and holds me up high, taking care of me through it all. No matter what happens, I have Him and His love, and that’s all I need!

You make Me Brave


One thought on “You Make Us Brave Through Your Perfect Love

  1. Objeic

    My dear Baby Girl! I am so sad that I could not have been there for you during that rough time and so many miles away. I have prayed daily that all was going well and our Father seems to have heard our pleas. Through his greatness, you seem to be on the road to recovery and the next adventure of moving back closer to home. I praise our Lords name for all that he has done.


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