Update on the Noack’s

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything, so here’s a brief update on what’s been going on in the Noack household. In June we moved back to Michigan, just the three of us. I am working as a teacher and Ryan has found a job working with roofing and restoration company near by. We have been to see both sides of the family already and it is really nice to be able to live closer so everyone can share in the new little life we have been blessed with. School started September 1st for me and I have 14 new little ones to impact this year. I am teaching third and fourth grade again, and am enjoying getting to know my students and learning the differences between Michigan and New Mexico children. Trust me, there are many differences. I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss New Mexico and life on the wonderful Zuni reservation, because both Ryan and I do very much. We miss our Zuni family and all the children so much. But even though some days are a little tough, we are encouraged by the understanding that we have a purpose in this new place and God is going to use us to reach His people just like He was doing there.

On to the topic of babies, little Miss Azaria is doing fabulous. She is a whole 6 months old now and is sitting up better than ever. She is pushing herself up really well when she is on her tummy, and her favorite things to do are chew on mommy and daddy’s fingers, pull her kitty’s fur out, jump in her jumperoo, and eat mommy’s face while pulling out her hair. She loves to stand up, be held like a football, and be thrown in the air. The occasional tummy and armpit tickle will also suffice. Soon she will start eating solid food (well, mushy solid foods), and hopefully those darn toofies will come in already (they’ve been making her extra drooly and in need of things to chew on). She is still in love with her lion binky and refuses to use the new super cute polka dot giraffe binky I bought her to compensate when I need to wash mister lion. So mister lion is awfully dirty at the moment.

Azy is goobering big time, and her favorite songs are booger pie honey bunch (mommy’s rendition of sugar pie honey bunch, sung in a really funny voice, and complete with funny faces) and Jesus Loves Me (sung in both English and Zuni). Now the singing of these songs does not put her to sleep, but, they are the perfect antidote for a screaming child, especially when said child is in the back seat of a moving vehicle and can’t be taken out of her car seat, and mommy and daddy are in the front seat with no access to a bottle (this scenario has played out more times than one and usually has led to a Disney sing along at high volumes.)

We are excited for what is to come and are looking forward to seeing how God plans on using us here in our new home. Don’t worry, there will be more blogs, and hopefully they won’t take as long to be written as this last one has.    



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