The Momentary or The Eternal?

I’ve had a revelation from God just now!   Solomon said it best in Ecclesiastes when he said “Nothing under the sun matters.” We only are here for a moment, and then we are gone. So nothing that we do for ourselves matters. The money we make, the things we buy, the kingdoms we build. What are they all but momentary pleasures, then they are all gone and then what? The things that matter are the lives we impact. When we live for ourselves here on Earth, nothing changes for eternity when we are gone. But the lives we change here and the souls we impact determines what happens when we are gone.

It doesn’t matter if I make a million dollars and buy the world and everyone remembers my name long after I’m gone, because I’m gone and I can’t do anything more. But If I’m dirt poor and no one knows who I am even when I am alive, but I impact just one life for eternity and that person is in heaven with me when we’re both gone, that right there is what matters. Because that one person will now praise Jesus and live in eternal happiness with our creator.


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