Changed From Frailty to Beauty

Once upon a time there was a small little town. This town rested on a beautiful river and was surrounded by a magnificent lake. The little children would go outside in the summer time and swim in this lake because it was so clean and so beautiful.

In this little town, there lived a little girl. She was so sweet and innocent. Her hair was long and deep brown. Her eyes were a mixture of a green that looked like the tall pine trees you see while walking in the forest, and a woody brown like what’s on the bark of a tall tree. She loved to play princesses and tea party with her papa and go shopping with her mama. She loved her family with all of her heart. And for the longest time, her family was what made her feel secure.

When this little girl got old enough, she was put into a small little school on the outskirts of her town. It had one long hallway with many different rooms. The little girl’s parents were sure that she would love it there. She would have plenty of wonderful teachers, and she would make many new friends.

As the little girl grew up, something very opposite happened. She didn’t make many friends. She had a few, but the other children laughed at her. They called her names and made fun of her free innocent spirit. The other children would push her around and knock her to the ground. They would yell at her and call her stupid. This bullying broke the little girl’s heart. She began to close herself off and her mind began to wander in school. She couldn’t focus on her work and she didn’t want to. She didn’t even want to be there.

Because of this, she began to be mistreated by some of the teachers. They didn’t understand her. They didn’t know what was happening inside of her. Because they didn’t understand, they began to become frustrated with her lack of attention and the questions she asked. They would call her stupid just like the other children did. They also wouldn’t pay any attention to her or answer her questions.

The little girl was hurt in more ways than even her parents knew. She didn’t know how to show her pain. So she kept it inside of her. It was eating her out, slowly destroying her gentleness and innocence. She began to lash back at her brother. She would throw things and kick at him. She was so very mean to one of the only people who loved her. She began to lie to her parents. Telling them that she was sick when she really wasn’t. She thought that if she did this, she wouldn’t have to go to that school. She even began to steal things. She would go on field trips with the other students. While the other students had been given money to buy things from gift shops, she had none. So she would take things because the other little children had been able to buy them. This little girl was trying to fit in so bad, but she just didn’t know how to make all the pain go away. She began to think of hurting herself, in ways that she had seen on movies. She began to think that if only she was gone, everything would be ok again.

The little girl didn’t know, but she had a King watching over her heart. The King is magnificent and wonderful. He has so much love built up inside of Him, because He is the definition of love. This King knew everything about the little girl. He knew about her former gentle heart. He knew about her innocence. He knew that she loved the color pink, horses, her cat and her best friend. He knew that she would love to read about princesses and fairies if she would only try it. He knew that she loved to play tea party with her papa because it meant that he would be at home spending time with her.

The King also knew another thing. These things, the little girl didn’t even know. He knew that one day, when she was much older, she would change the world. She would free the hearts of the oppressed. The hearts of the children who were just like her. She would help the widows and the orphans like He asks everyone to do. The King knew that this little girl would grow up to be a wife and a mother. He knew that she would tell the people of many nations about His love for them and about His kingdom. She would bring His light to many people so that He could break their chains.

All these things the little girl did not know. She was stuck where she was and she was hurting so much. So the King did something. He nudged her mama to seek for something different for her. Something that would show her His presence in her life. When the little girl turned ten years old, she began a school in a new place. The second school was much smaller than her first school. But there was something very different. The second school knew about the King. They knew all about how wonderful He was, and how much He loved all the little children.

When the little girl started classes, the King began to work. Slowly, He opened her eyes, and he opened the eyes of her mama. He showed them both the great plans that he had for them. He showed them how happy they could be if they just basked in His presence and trusted in Him fully. The little girl began to feel loved and accepted. There were still children who would make fun of her, and who would push her around. But somehow, she felt like she could be her own self at that school. She didn’t have any more friends than she did at the previous school, and her classes were still hard for her. But she knew about the King and is wonder.

You see, the King lead the little girl to the first school for a reason. He knew she hurt so much, and he felt so much pain seeing her go through that. He cried when she cried, and He was angry at the sin of the people who mistreated her. But He had a plan. He knew she would be able to handle it, if even just for a little while. He wanted it to get so bad for her, that her mama would want her to be at a different place. He had the second school all ready for her when it got to that point. A school that would teach her about Him and not about the laws that people think they need to keep to be with Him. But about the love that He has, and how free everyone could be when they were with Him.

A few years after the little girl switched schools, she finally realized who He was and all that He had done for her. The wonderful King led her into His arms where He then adopted her as one of His children. Because she was now one of His children, she now had inherited all of His Kingdom. She would now be able to live with Him in His kingdom forever and ever. He is never ending, so now she too is never ending.

While the little girl was growing up, He began to open her eyes more and more. She would fall back into her old life every now and again, because she thought she was not good enough for the King. But He would protect her, and gently reassure His love for her.

When the little girl was all grown up, she married a wonderful man who had also been adopted by the King. This man had the light of the King shining through Him. He still struggled, just like she did, and still fell back into his old ways every now and again. He too didn’t think he was good enough for the King. But the King continued to grow the two of them together as the adopted prince and princess of the Kingdom.

The little girl and the boy began to realize something special. The King had had a plan for them all along. This world was not their real home, they were just placed her by the King on a big mission trip.   This world was their mission trip and they were to be here until their task was finished. Wherever the King asked them to go, they were to go and share His love with the people. The King provided them with money to live by, and everything else they needed to complete their task and to be content.

The little girl and the boy realized that none of this stuff was theirs. The money wasn’t theirs, the furniture wasn’t theirs. The little girl realized that the boy wasn’t even hers, and neither was the girl the boys. Nothing belonged to either one of them, but it was a gift from the King. The King could choose when to give and when to take away. He just asked the girl and the boy to manage the things that He gave them and to use them for what He asked them to use them for.

The little girl and the boy were very happy living as the adopted prince and princess of the King. They served Him and showed His love to the nations. They grew old together and raised a whole family of disciples for the King. Their children also became adopted by the King once they believed. They became little princes and princesses of their own, fighting for the hearts of the lost and broken. They lived to finish their mission happily ever after.


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