The King of Inspiration

Inspiration comes from many different places and in many different ways. It can come from situations, from people, even from movies, music or books. When I am striving after something, or an idea is placed heavy on my heart by the Lord, I often times wander aimlessly around wondering how I’m going to get there, or what steps towards this idea I am going to take. Sometimes I wonder if I am even going to get there in the end. But then God does something amazing. He puts people in my life and in my path who show me the things I dream about and the passions I have are possible and can happen.

One person in particular inspires me so much that I am left desiring my passions of writing even more. I met this person when I was in my second year of college. She quickly became one of my greatest friends, and even though we haven’t spoken or seen each other in a long time, she still inspires me to this day. This person is my friend Emma.

God has given me the desire to write. Not just write blogs like this, but stories. This is something I have been doing since I was a little girl. Over the years my stories that I have written have changed in theme from just silly stories, to stories that reflect the heart of Jesus and what God is all about. I probably have about 10 different ones saved on my computer. I’ve dreamt about getting them illustrated and published. One in particular I had a friend from Haiti translate into Haitian Creole so I could make it into a haitian/english story and send it to the children in the orphanage in Haiti that I went to. I have yet to get any of my stories past the computer version.

Even though my stories have never been published, this passion still burns within me, and I can honestly stand her and testify that this is not a silly pipe dream. It is something that God has been placing on my heart since I was a child. I know now that He has a purpose for me and for my writing. Because of people like Emma who continually do what they do because of who God made them, and strive after their passions and dreams, I am continually inspired to strive after that things that God has placed in my life.

So thank you Emma. Your dreams and passions had a bigger purpose that you expected! Love you!  5


2 thoughts on “The King of Inspiration

  1. EmmaJean

    You truly are a gem! Even when NY spirit was conflicted you were the only one to say “Hey you have to consider God in these things and how it reflects Him —” and I didn’t get it but I finally figured it out! Your faith and love in and of God has shown me the way out of shame, and confusion, and sitting on the fence; out of my own mess! So, I thank you for always being a friend and always letting God live in and through you.

    You have my unconditional support and friendship for life. I am excited to see how God delivers this work He’s stored up in you!


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