Be Attached to the Love Source of Christ

I feel like everything I read in “A Love Worth Giving” by Max Lucado lines up perfectly with what I read in the Bible for each day. I feel like as I grow closer to God and seek Him more, there are new things that He is teaching me each day and that He really wants to sink in. He does this by correlating what I read in the Bible to what I read in the other book.

Today the chapter I read was on love not being rude. It talked about how we need to constantly be seeking to be courteous to others. How we are set to a higher standard because we are the “court” of the kingdom of heaven. We are here to represent the King to everyone we meet. If we are gentle and kind to others they will assume that our King is gentle and kind. But if we are hasty and arrogant, they will assume that our King is hasty and arrogant.

Likewise, in Proverbs, God was showing me that we are to live to bless others and seek righteousness. The more we pour ourselves out on others and the more we show kindness and love to others, the more we are going to represent Him who first loved us. The more we do this, the more God is going to lift us up and pour love into us.

I feel like the whole theme right now in my life is love. Learning to be loved by the King who made me, and learning to dwell within His care. All the while learning to pour that love out on the children of God that He places in my life each and every day. I’ve learned that I can’t give something that I don’t have. Which means that I can’t conjure up love on my own because it’s only something that is created by the King and given by the King. I have to first come to Him and strive for a relationship with Him. Once I am attached to the Father and fastened to His love source, then I can freely give out the love flowing from Him through me.

I all of a sudden got this image of a garden hose in my mind. Garden hoses are very useful things. They water the grass, but can they make the water by which they water the grass? The answer is simply no. They first have to be securely fastened to the water source which is the spigot on the outside of your house. Once the water source is turned on, then the water can flow freely through the hose to the grass. The point is that the job of the hose is to water the grass, but it is completely useless on its own. It first needs to be attached to a water source, then it can be free to do its job that it was designed to do. It is also important to notice that I said, “The hose needs to be attached.” A hose cannot attach itself. It does not have the physical capability of doing so.

Simply put, we are that hose. We are the hose that waters the children of God with love when and only when we are attached securely to the love source which is Christ Jesus. We cannot attach ourselves, but we are attached by the Holy Spirit moving in and through us. He fills us up so we can be the vessel to overflow with love for His children. We are called to be the hands and feet of God, so let Him attach you to the source of love so you can do what you were created to do.


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