Death and Life are Given By the Tongue

The Lord of hosts is doing a new work in and through you. He is seeking after you, wishing to dwell within your heart. Wishing to draw you closer and closer to Him. What will you choose? Will you draw closer to Him? Or will you choose to continue on the path you are on? Wandering aimlessly in the wilderness like the Israelites did, never knowing what will come next?

Speech, what do we know about it? We know that it is something we are consistently taught since early childhood. Infants go through many different stages of speech development. They go from cooing to babbling to single syllable word to two word sentences, and so on from there. Both a child’s living environment and the amount of love that they receive day in and day out will determine how that child will achieve various speech milestones in their life. Aside from the basics of speech and how we learn it, it is important to understand one very important fact that has been instilled in us since conception. God has given us the gift of free will, and with that free will

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Proverbs 18:21

In the book that I am currently reading, A Love Worth Giving by Max Lucado, God has revealed to me that it is extremely important to understand that He has given us an important task. He has given us authority to speak light and life into people. In order to carry out this task, He has given us a special tool, our tongue. If used properly, it can do amazing things. It can make the lame walk and the blind see all by something called the power of belief. When you believe in someone with your whole heart, you give them the gift of perseverance even in very grim and scary circumstances.

My mother in law is amazing at this. She somehow always finds the best in every person. It’s almost like she has a screen up in front of every person who she comes across. This screen shows her not who the person is living their lives as at that given moment, but who the person will live their lives as when they are taken over by the Holy Spirit and living to their full potential. She constantly speaks life and healing into their lives. This shows me how we are meant to live. Our lives have been given to us for only a short timeframe. In that timeframe we are called to seek out the lost and bring them into the fullness of life through Christ Jesus. He gives us the authority to cast out the ailments of life that take His children captive. We are to speak life over them, and that life is Jesus. So basically we are to speak Jesus over them.

The unfortunate part is that if this tool is not used properly, it can literally bring death upon a person’s soul. Imagine that you are having the worst day of all. You wake up late which means you don’t have time to have a cup of coffee and breakfast so you have to run through the drive through. You are already running tight on cash, so this unplanned expense leaves you feeling more stressed on top of you running late for work. You finally make it to work and thank the Lord that you didn’t get pulled over because you’re pretty sure you broke a few laws getting there. You are supposed to get A, B and C accomplished today at work, but your boss throws on X, Y and Z to your list. The time crunch leaves your stress level soaring to the top of the charts. Because you have added responsibilities you need to now stay late for work which means you will be late for dinner and you won’t be able to see you children before they go to bed for the night. This leave you feeling depressed. Suppose you finally come home from work and all you want to do is get a hug from your wife, but she has had an equally rough day and her own stress leaves her cranky. So she snaps at you for not thinking to help with the dishes that are piled high or fold the laundry that has been all over the couch for days now. Her snapping was the last straw and you retreat. Your walls go up and insults start spewing out of your mouth because you can’t handle one more stress marker.

Now suppose all the above things happened to you before you go home from work. Now you finally get home from work and your wife greets you with a loving hug and kiss. She asks you how your day went and you tell her everything while she listens to it all. Then she looks at you with understanding in her eye and she leads you to Jesus through prayer. As you pray you dump all your worries, stresses, and frustrations at the foot of the cross, and you are now free from all the burdens that you have been carrying on your shoulders.

Now think, which situation used the tool that God gave you wisely? Which one showed the love the Christ has to offer? Which one brought life? I hope you are all saying the second one. No matter how rough our days are or how stressed we become, we need to continually be using our tool of the tongue as a life giving gift. We are to lead people to the foot of the cross, not steer them away from it. So which person are you going to choose to be? The first wife who attacked her husband because she let her stresses lead her tongue, or the second one who, in spite of her own stresses, lead her husband to Christ.


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