God is on the Move!

I have been given permission to share the story of this amazing daughter of God.  She is just one example of how God pulls us up and sets our feet firm upon the rock.  How He chooses to use all situations for our good that the enemy intended for our harm.

This is a very rare, raw view into my life and my story. Trying to find an old message in my phone, I came across two very old conversations. As I read them, it brought me back to those moments.

These moments in my life were moments of doubt, pain, helplessness, and fear. As I recalled these very moments, I was reminded: at the time, I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going. My life was empty. Reaching a dead end. When I found out I was pregnant, I was in a very dark, isolated place. In these moments, though, I felt something inside of me telling me to push on when I wanted to give up the most. So much turmoil, yet I somehow felt at peace.

Somewhere among these moments, I decided to hand my life and my situation to God. He supposedly has a grand plan, right? Looking back on this time, it could not be more evident. From that time on, I immersed myself, my soul, in Him and the plan that he had so carefully crafted. When I “let go and let God,” I now realize, my life came together.

Where I’m at now…I am so blessed. Considering every obstacle that I was presented with, I pulled through. Because I chose to follow my heart and ignore any peer pressure or doubts that were cast upon me, I have come out on top.

Let me tell you…this baby that would have supposedly ruined my life…he is my world. He is smart, he is filled with personality, he is full of wonder and full of love. Every day, I wake up and look over at him, and I feel complete. Any piece of me that was missing, any scar, any void that I had…he fills it. He overflows it. My heart, my soul, and my mind are at peace. I can not possibly imagine a life without him, but had I chose to ignore what I felt and chose to take the “easy way out,” I would have nothing. Emptiness.


This is John. John didn’t ruin my life. John is not a mistake, John is not a burden. John is not keeping me from fulfilling my dreams, or holding me back from succeeding in life. John is the reason that I wake up in the morning. John is the reason that I strive to be a better woman. This boy is my world.

I owe my life to him. I owe my life to Him.

Guys, God has a plan. Trust in it. You would be amazed at what’s in store for you.


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