What pits rule your life? Part 3

Pits come in all shapes and sizes.  I don’t mean literal shapes and sizes of course, but I mean that everyone goes through their own struggles and short comings in life.  Everyone has moments of doubt and fear.  Everyone at some point or another will succumb to the lies that the enemy throws at us because we only know as much as our present human mind can understand.  We are not all knowing like our Father is who know what is to come, not just what already has happened.

Right now in my life I have been dealing with way too much to write in one, or even two, blog posts.  But I think that the biggest thing that I am struggling with is knowing that I am supposed to do in life.  I keep getting these grand ideas of what I think will make me happy.  I keep striving for the next thing, and I can’t seem to keep my feet planted in any one thing contented.

First I wanted to move somewhere away from the state I had grown up in, in search of an adventure.  Then I wanted to come home to be closer to family.  Now that I’m here, I want to go back to New Mexico.  I wanted to teach, so I did.  Then I had a baby and I want to stay at home with her.  Now I want to teach again and I’m not even a month away from the job.  You see what I mean.  My pit is my discontentment with life that I slipped right into.  My pit is my loss of vision on what God wants for me.  I don’t know who I am, and therefore I don’t know what I am to do.

I don’t tell you this for you to tell me to trust in God (trust me, I already know that), or for you to feel sympathy in any way (that will definitely make my pit worse).  I tell you this to bring light to the darkness that has been slowly filling my mind.  I tell you this to give you an example of a pit.  One pit out of many options out there.

Satan likes to come in and wreck us.  He likes to come in and put us in a “funk” in life either by throwing us in there, letting us slip in, or convincing us to walk right in.  Once he gets us in there, it becomes much easier for him to “give us a shovel and tell us to dig.”  But he forgets to mention that there is a way out.  (For the record, I don’t think he forgot to tell us).

God is in the process of pulling me out right now, and He will set my feet upon a firm foundation.  I believe that He is in the process of pulling you out too.  I believe that He is working on a lot of hearts at this very moment, to restore and pull out many children from their current pit.  Whoooh, it’s going to be an amazing day!


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