Lean On the One Who Gives Peace

Dearest child, why do you try so hard?  Why do you seek after what the world expects of you?  Why don’t you sit and abide in my presence and holiness?  Why don’t you seek after what I call you to be, and what I created you to be?  You try so hard to be all you think you should be, but what I know you should be is much better.  For my ways are higher than yours and my thoughts much better.  You, dear child, have been redeemed by the blood of the sacrifice I made of my son.  You have been remade and called holy by me.  Not because of anything that you have done, but because of all that I have done.  I desire to draw you closer to me.  By doing this, life will be made so much easier for you.  So why do you still struggle?  Why do you strive for something that was just not meant to be?  Come to the water all you who thirst and I will give you drink.  Come to the table all you who hunger, and you will be fed.  My body and blood has been shed for you.  So live in that grace dear one.  Live in the person that I have made you to be.  

There are so many things that we choose to give our hearts to in this world.  We strive after so many different things, yet we won’t come into His presence.  Why is this?  The one place that can give us peace and rest, yet we choose not to go there.  Time and time again I find myself struggling to pick up the Bible or utter a word in prayer.  I keep myself busy with the day to day tasks and the things that I think I should be doing.  But If I would just settle myself and take time to spend in the word and with Him in worship and prayer, peace would come over me in all areas of my life and He would give me grace to help me through the rest of my days. The Lord has never failed me before, so why do I doubt His presence in my life now?

O you who hear prayer, to You all men come. Psalm 65:2


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