In Our House We Do…

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves in compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.  Colossians 3:12

Tonight I was able to capture what happens on a daily basis in our household.  Our mission as parents is to raise up our children in the faith.  Teaching them about the truth of the gospel and the freedom that comes with it.  Our daily prayer is that the Lord would find favor with our children and that they would grow in wisdom to become mighty warriors in His army, deeply devoted to and in love with their Savior.  We pray that He places a burning fire within their hearts to go forth and make disciples of all nations through love and kindness.

So how do we teach this you might ask?  Well, mostly we pray A TON with them, teaching them to pray and showing them how we pray.  On Pinterest (I love me some Pinterest!) I found this really cute idea for a prayer pail.  For us, it’s a prayer cup because we don’t have a pail.  We write the names of anyone we want to pray for on Popsicle sticks and place them in the cup (Our daughter helped us with this list of names).  Then every time we sit down at the table to pray Azy will draw one stick out and that’s who we pray for.  It’s so hard for her to only pick out one name, she often grabs a whole handful proclaiming, “Mama, who dis, pray.”

Tonight we prayed for our good friend John and we added in G-Daddy (grandpa’s name).


We are constantly listening to our “Jesus music”  and often when she hears the name Jesus Azy will start singing Jesus Loves Me (her favorite song).  When we are in the car she will point to the visor where all the CD’s are and say “Mama, Daddy, Jesus?” asking for her Hillsongs CD to be put in.

Though we are not perfect at this, and we could be way better, we nightly read our Jesus book (Bible) or some story books about God.  Right now her favorite books are God Bless My Boo Boo and God Made Me This Way.  

One of the biggest concepts that Christ teaches time and time again throughout scripture is kindness and love.  “And now these three remain, faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love.” 1 Cor. 13:13  Even in the secular world, being kind is a “good thing” to do.  Good thing God imprinted these concepts on our hearts when we were created (Rom. 2:14-16).  

So in our home we do kindness.  We are constantly teaching Azy what is kind and what is unkind.  Taking a toy from your brother when he is playing with it is unkind, please give it back and play with something else.  Sharing Kiya’s bunny with him is very kind and so nice, thank you.  Now taking that bunny right back after you gave it to him is not kind, please ask him nicely if you can have it back and I’m sure he will share (especially since little brother is only 3 months old and doesn’t really care about the bunny.)  If she is asking for something and you say, “How do we be kind?”.  She will then say please in the most heart melting voice.

“Parenting is about teaching, not about punishing.”  This is the most powerful saying that I have heard recently.  Children are not born knowing how to do things.  Their brain must develop over time, and they must be taught how to be kind and considerate.  How to share and how to eat with a spoon and not shove food all up in their hair after you have just given them a bath (true story my friends).  God tells us this in Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”  It may take a long time, and a lot of frustration,  but God blessed us with these little ones and with the opportunity to train them in His ways so they will not leave His side when they are older.

In our house we do prayer, we do Jesus, and we do kindness.  Even to elephants named Flappy…

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The heart of a wife after God’s heart (or future wife)


“An excellent wife, who can find, she is far more precious that jewels.”  Proverbs 31:10

Have you ever felt like you were less than perfect as a wife?  One thing that I have learned over these short 4 years of marriage is that every marriage goes through struggles at one point or another.  I am learning that the first years are also one of the hardest and most trying periods.  There are so many new things that you have to learn about your spouse.  Lots of things change after you enter into this new season.  You find that it seemed like you went on so many dates when you were not married, and now you would be lucky if you got one in a month, especially after children come into the picture.  Before marriage you saw each other as perfection, and now you see quite a lot of flaws.

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His Blessings Overflow

In my mind right now I have this picture of a pitcher of water.  This pitcher is being filled with water and once it gets to the top, the water source does not stop.  The water keeps coming and coming until the pitcher is overflowing and the water is seeping out all over the place.  I have had this vision in my mind a lot over the last 4 years and right now, that vision is correlating with the blessings that God is placing in my life.  One blessing that I am thinking about right now is that of my daughter.  She is my first child, and my heart is filled to the max with love for her.  She is my everything (aside from Jesus of course).

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My Life is Chaotic but My Heart is Full

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My husband is Not My Best Friend and Will Never Be



Little girls grow up dreaming of knights in shining armor riding in to sweep them off their feet on white horses.  They play wedding and dress up over and over again because deep down in their souls they desire to be loved and to be lovely.  


As I grew through my teenage years, I fantasized about my wedding day.  I’d go on Pinterest for hours and hours looking through all the wedding pictures thinking about what my wedding dress would look like, what my bridesmaids would wear, and what the centerpieces would be.  I longed for that day with my whole heart.  

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Motherhood = God’s Hidden Love Unveiled

1 Timothy 2:15 states, “Women will be saved in childbearing.”

I’ve read this verse a thousand times before (ok, maybe not a thousand) but it never had meaning until just now. God’s salvation plan is for everyone, but everyone is uniquely (and wonderfully) created. Because everyone is different, God has to reach out to people in different ways. He desires for us to see, know and fully understand just how deep His love is, and always has been for us.

Women have a funny thing about them. I am almost certain that I am not the only one who struggles with the constant nagging question way deep in my heart, does he really love me? Or better yet, “Does HE really love me?” We strive to be perfect and flawless in every way, just to earn the love and affection of our “knight in shining armor.” (By the way, our “knight in shining armor” is imperfect in every way too.) But it’s a deeper yearning than just an earthly love. This is a God matter. We question His commitment to us, His love for us, and His desire to be our hero and true love always.

This verse tells me that women don’t fully comprehend who God is or His love for us until we hold our child for the first time. Until we see that little one that was fashioned together and knit to our hearts for 9 long (and sometimes agonizing) months, and feel that deep embedded love that we have for that child, we will never come close to understanding the love our Father has for us. We are knit to His heart on a much stronger and deeper level than our child is to ours (even though we aren’t entirely sure we could love anything more.)

When I first found out I was pregnant, I had an overwhelming fear come over me that I was going to be a horrible mother. I cried and cried about it and was so terrified. When I looked in the mirror, I closed my eyes and God gave me a vision of my daughter standing in front of me on a step stool. She was about 4-5 years old in this vision, and with beautiful bright eyes and long brownish hair, she grabbed my cheeks in her little hands and stared into my eyes. I was crying, and she spoke to me so sweetly, “Don’t be sad mama, I love you.” After that, God spoke to my heart that His love was so deep for me, and that I wasn’t going to understand that until I held “her” in my arms, and “her” little fingers wrapped around mine. I emphasize the word her in this statement because at the time I obviously didn’t know the gender. The fact that I have a daughter and I had a vison about a daughter and a word from God that it was “a her” just confirms even more that this was God speaking to me.

God was so right. Throughout those long 9 months, I struggled with my fear and my doubt in God. He tried time and time again to help me understand that He did love me, but I just wasn’t convinced. That is until March 10, 2015 at 6:17 pm. The moment when truth set in. My beautiful big, bright eyed little girl came screaming into this world. The nurse set her on my chest and she laid there so peacefully. Then she grabbed my finger, and the words that God spoke to me just a year before that moment came rushing back into my mind. “You won’t understand my love for you until you hold her in your arms and her tiny hand wraps around your finger.” I was overwhelmed with the love my Jesus has for me. I am knit to his heart and that fastening will never come undone. I am His chosen one forever and always.

The Amazing Blessings We are Given

Marriage.  The roots are deep, the covenant is solid, love is sweet, life is hard, and God is good!    -John Piper

So I’m up late again, and can’t stop thinking about one of the biggest blessings my Great Father and King has given me. I just want to take a few minutes to brag about it and to encourage each of you to take great pride and joy in even the littlest blessing you are given by Him.
My husband, Ryan Michael Noack is probably just about one of the best things that has happened to me. He is kind and compassionate. He is an extremely hard working man, and I love how priciest he is about everything. We often joke about it, saying he has OCD or is anal about everything, but really, this is one of the many qualities I love I him.
On top of all of that, he is an amazing father to our little Azaria. Most of you know by now all the difficulties we are facing with my health at this present moment in life. Ever since these all came about, he has continually been amazing me day in and day out with just how much he loves our little girl. He feeds her, changes every diaper, is the one who wakes up with her at night, plays with her, and cuddles her when she’s sad. And these are just a few of he many things he does for her with hardly any complaints. I know how stressful it can get to constantly have so much you have to do to care for someone so little, and to have to do it all on your own, with no help for your wife. But he does it because he loves her and he loves me. I honestly don’t know who I would be, or what I would do without his love in my life. God has truly blessed me with Ryan and for that I am forever grateful!